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Sign Up For Our New Group Classes

Sign Up For Our New Group Classes

Sign Up For Our New Group Classes >> Signup Form << on  Monday, September 1st at 19:00 and on Friday, September 5th @ 18:00 .These are new classes therefore it is a “bring a friend” and pay 1 for 2!

Six Pilates Principles

Six Pilates Principles

The pilates method comprises six elements:

Pilates exercises demand focus, concentration and dedication to derive the greatest benefit from each exercise.

According to Pilates all energy for exercises is said to begin from the Powerhouse and flow outward to the limbs. All physical energy is therefore brought to the centre of the body from where it is used to coordinate movement of the extremities.

All movements in Pilates exercises are controlled and each part of the body has its own function.

In Pilates exercises every movement has a purpose and all movement is stored and saved in the subconscious. The exercises strive to place each part of the body in exactly the right position to create perfect alignment of the spine and muscles. The goal is for the movement to become second nature which is ultimately manifest as grace, strength and suppleness.

Flowing movements
All Pilates exercises flow seamlessly into the other. The grace of the movement ensures that energy flows through the body freely.

Joseph Pilates considered correct breathing extremely important. He carefully coordinated the breathing with the movements so as to enlarge lung capacity and reintegrate the breath in the exercise.

The Pilates equipment known as the Reformer has a built in way of checking whether all six of these elements are present during an exercise. The mechanics are controlled by springs and if one of the six elements is missing, the equipment protests noisily!

Hello July, Hello Boot Camp!

Hello July, Hello Boot Camp!

With the beginning of a new month and summer around the corner it’s time to pump it up! Are you ready to look absolutely stunning this summer? Sign up for our limited Summer Pilates Boot Camp!! Only a maximum of 10 participants per boot camp group session. And if you bring a friend with you, you’ll get an extra group lesson for FREE! Price: CHF150

5 fixed dates:
-Saturday 28th of June at 10am
-Tuesday 1st of July at 6pm
-Saturday 5th of July at 11am
-Tuesday 8th of July at 7pm
-Saturday 12th of July at 10am

Voyage Pilates Studio
Heimstrasse 10
8953 Dietikon

To sign up, contact: or call 044 741 82 22

We look forward to upgrade your summer!!

10 Detox Snacks!

10 Detox Snacks!

Here are some healthy and detoxifying snack options that will boost your metabolism and keep you on track while you’re detoxing throughout the week.

1. Asparagus: Cooking up this veggie is a delicious and healthy snack, not just because it detoxifies the liver, but also because it helps your body to flush out all impurities.

2. Apples: This fruit is filling, satisfying and it can help suppress unhealthy cravings. If a sneaky sugar craving creeps up when you’re detoxing, grab an apple. Green apples are especially good for decreasing appetite.

3. Green Smoothie: A small size smoothie is the perfect mid-meal snack. The recipe is two handfuls of baby spinach, 1 apple, 1 bananas, 1 cup of yogurt, 5 strawberries, 1/2 orange. Blend well and…voila! You have yourself a glass of detox goodness.

4. Homemade Trail Mix: The homemade version could be just the kind of healthy snack that keeps your body energized. We recommend mixing pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries, and hemp seeds, which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, iron, potassium, and calcium. We also like to add dried goji berries, which are powerful antioxidants that are rich in Vitamin A.

5. Watermelon: watermelon helps your liver and kidneys flush out impurities. Watermelon tea can do the trick too!

6. Pineapple: Pineapples are known for their abilities to cleanse the pores in your lungs and reduce stomach fat. Eat a few chunks of this sweet fruit on an empty stomach to reap the benefits of its powerful enzymes.

7. Chia Fresca: This drink is supposed to aid in detoxification in the body…especially the morning after a fun night out. Simply soak half a tablespoon of chia seeds in a glass of water for 10 minutes, then add a squirt of lime. Refreshing…

8. Grapefruit: Grapefruit also helps to curb hunger, but it doesn’t stop there. This citrus fruit boosts your metabolism and packs in a ton of vitamin C, good for fighting off colds and giving your skin a glow.

9. Celery: Celery is a great source of fiber, which means it can help move food through your digestive tract. Grab a few celery sticks and peanut butter for a heart-healthy snack that will leave you full and satisfied.

10. Avocados: Aside from lowering cholesterol, avocados contain a nutrient called glutathione, which blocks at least 30 different carcinogens while helping the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals. Add some of this green goodness to your smoothies or salads.

5 Effective Ways To Relieve The Post Workout Muscle Pain!

5 Effective Ways To Relieve The Post Workout Muscle Pain!

We all have experienced muscle pain after a good “pilates” workout. This muscle ache, known as “good pain” is a virtuous reminder that you’re working hard to keep your body in shape. But the problem is that even “good pain” is uncomfortable and can interfere with your everyday activities. So here are some great remedies, that will help you to relieve the muscle pain!

1. Massage
Massage set off a series of molecular events in muscles that helped reverse discomfort related to exercise. It also increased levels of proteins that signal the muscles produce more mitochondria, the cell structures that produce energy and help muscles recover from activity. So, what are you waiting for?!

2. Ice then Heat
Cold has analgesic, pain-relieving, properties that will help soothe your aches. So, reach for an ice pack, and put it to the source of the pain. Later, you can apply heat (i.e. heat pack or hot cream) to your muscles to warm them up.

3. Warm Bath
A warm shower or bath also triggers the muscle to relax, which can be great for tension knotted shoulders or muscles tight from overuse. So take a long lasting bath or shower, 20-30 minutes and relax. It will help you, to relieve the pain for sure.

4. Drink Milk
Drinking 500 ml/ 2 cups of milk can help your muscles from being sore. It contains a lot of calcium, and it will relax your muscles. So, drink a cup of milk, and take a rest.

5. Magnesium
With your 2 cups of milk, you might want to take oral magnesium. Low levels of magnesium in the body can lead to general muscle aches and muscle cramps. So, you may want to consider taking the magnesium as a supplement.

Detox Time!

Detox Time!

Get your body in a perfect shape for the summer with Pilates & some Detoxing!
Drinking water all by itself is a way to help flush the body of toxins on a daily basis, but with a few simple ingredients you can transform water into detox water and get even more benefit from it! And if you combine this detox drink with your pilates exercises… we promise you, you’ll look more beautiful than ever before!

12 cups of water (3 quarts)
2 to 3 lemons, thinly sliced (you can also substitute limes or mix it up…using organic lemons/limes is best)
1/2 of a medium to large cucumber, preferably organic, thinly sliced
5-10 mint leaves. preferably organic. Refrigerate it at least 4 hours.

Strawberries are a great way to add a familiar and preferred flavor to most anything, and in this case it can make your water taste better while also providing antioxidants and added vitamins and minerals to your body. This particular recipe includes watermelon and rosemary as well. This makes it a great detox recipe to use in the summer when it’s easier to build up a sweat. It will help to make your detoxing efforts more enjoyable. Drink this for 1 week to flush your body of toxins! And if you combine this detox drink with your pilates exercises… we promise you, you’ll look more beautiful than ever before!

1 cup strawberries
2 cups watermelon, cubed
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
dash of course salt
filtered water

-Muddle the strawberries and rosemary in a bowl.
-Add the muddled ingredients and the watermelon to a large pitcher. Pour water over the ingredients and stir.
-Refrigerate for 4-6 hours.


Happy June

Da sind wir wieder. Sonnenlicht und Wärme sind längst mit standing ovations auf das Podium getreten. Sehnsüchtig erwartet und endlich da ! Sie spielen verführerische Spielchen – mal ganz heiss auf der Haut spürbar, mal kühlt die Brise den Verstand ab.

Die Orgien der Farben in allen Tönen – signiert die Natur ihr triumphales Werk dominant. Und auch der Duft verrät die Lage, oder ist das nur der Sommer in einem Kostüm?

Jedes Jahr die selben Farben, die gleiche Stimmung, der gleiche Gesang und der gleiche Duft! Und jedes Jahr bringt sie uns gleich ins Staunen und wir freuen uns in fröhlicher Erwartung. Doch das genau macht sie so aufregend bewundernswert und mächtig ! Die einzig wahre Künstlerin – die Definition der Authentizität und Kraft selbst – die Natur.

Mit allen Sinnen wollen wir die Verwandlung geniessen. Der Mensch als intelligenter Teil dieses Systems – der Natur – und trotzdem ihr und sich selbst so oft gefährlich, auch wenn vielleicht unbewusst.

Und genau dieses Bewusstsein macht den Unterschied: Entweder sind wir dankbar und glücklich oder gefangen in eigenem (Selbst)Mitleid und unglücklich. Viele sind sogar glücklich in ihrem “unglücklich sein“, zu diesem synthetischem Glücksgefühl gibt es aber ein anderes Mal was zum “Geniessen”…

Heute wollen wir glücklich sein und es auch bleiben! Wir Pilatistas wissen genau, warum uns Pilates glücklich macht – es ist teilweise eine Art des Erwachens, genau wie der Frühling!

Plötzlich lernt man, neue Tatsachen wahr zu nehmen. Eine systematische Methode, die Körper und Geist nicht nur erwachen lässt und glücklich macht, sondern auch von innen nach aussen stärkt – und das auf ganz natürliche Art und Weise.

VOYAGE – the Pilates Studio bietet Romana`s Pilates an. CONTROLOGY – die Methode, die von Joseph Hubertus Pilates erfunden und an Romana Kryzsanowska weiter gegeben wurde, ist nicht nur ein Workout mit Folgen – es macht stark und glücklich! Die Zeit des Erwachens ist da – fangt mit true Pilates an und “ UPGRADE YOUR SUMMER!

Bis bald und Happy June euch allen !


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